Kevin Davis

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Award-winning Interactive and Graphic Designer. Collaborative experience with non-profits, corporate, and higher ed.

Work Includes: interactive features, dynamic websites & applications, brand & identity, composition, illustration, typography, and information architecture.

laughing colors

Capella University Homepage

During my time at Capella, I took part in the redesign of the homepage, the employee portal, learner portal, and email campaigns.

capella university


A set of four, square compositions to convey new thinking in pattern and symbolism.

ornamental compositions 1

Red Dog Writers Group

Logotype based upon the typeface Museo. Contains many modifications with some custom lettering.

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red dog writers group logotype

Vassar College Libraries

Incorporates expanded search, and visual direction for library materials.

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vassar library

Hudson Valley Feature

A simple flash-based slideshow that also incorporates a pane for displaying related items.

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hudson valley promo

Alazanto v5

The latest iteration of my homepage is flash-based and focused on simplicity. Ties directly to flickr for images and an XML feed for the latest poetry.

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alazanto v5

Science, Technology, & Society

Academic program at Vassar that contains a photo collage to represent the intersect between society and technology.

science, technology, & society

Health Services

This site was meant to provide information clearly and simply to anyone with a health concern or emergency.

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science, technology, & society

Chaco Canyon

Chaco is beautiful in both the fall and spring, but be sure not to stay after sunset.

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photo of chaco canyon

Northland College Homepage

My time at Northland was spent making extensive changes to the web presence. I deployed a content management system while re-designing and rebuilding the website.

Now, not only could staff update their own content, but the site now had a consistent visual identity moving forward.

northland college

Vassar Study Away

Simple, clean layout using custom iconography.

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vassar study away

Viquae Poster

Sandbox project that incorporates a custom mark. The wings, faces, reflection, and roots are represenative of the creative mind.

viquae poster

Save Darfur Poster

A simple play on the Sudanese flag to bring greater attention towards the ongoing Darfur situation.

save darfur

Vassar Earth Science and Geography

I managed to bring more visual play into this small site than is the norm for the audience. While more visually risky, the composition is also more memorable.

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earth science and geography: vassar

Simple Actions Blog

A concept-blog for the Natural Resources Defence Council. Even though this did not make it into production, it was a well recieved concept for the NRDC's new web strategy.

simple actions blog


Another sandbox project incorporated fine lines and a generally unfinished look.

oramental compositions 2

Alazanto Wordmark

Close-up of the Alazanto wordmark. Set in Malbeck and heavily modified.

alazanto wordmark

Tree at Sunset

This photo was taken outside of Taos, New Mexico.

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photo of a sunset

Alazanto v4

While I was happy to move on from this design, the visual direction showed my new thinking on design and my revived interest in vector forms.

alazanto v4

Color-minimal Icon Study

I created this years ago as a Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird theme. I love GUI work, and this was a wonderful opportunity to apply my own thinking to application interfaces.

color-minimal icon study

Sandstone Cracks

This photo was taken near Chaco Canyon, New Mexico.

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Navajo Mark Study

This was an opportunity to work with Navajo symbolism to convey education in the digital age.

navajo mark study

Zen Garden

This early Zen Garden design has recieved a great deal of recognition in its time. Many thanks to Dave Shay for accepting it into the family.


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