"Le Breeze"

As an announcement, I decided to host the files on my own server again. This should ensure much greater reliability in the download process.

Mozilla Firefox (designed for 0.9.x)

screenshot of lebreeze

link to lebreeze-fox.jar

This project has turned into something far more ambitious than I first expected. As a windows user, I was searching for the sort of look and feel I was used to with the macintosh browsers. This is my attempt to bring that desirable look to Mozilla Firefox.

The following site contains a few variations of Lebreeze. The variations are authored by a talented young designer with the alias, "Ozphactor."


Mozilla Thunderbird (designed for 0.7)

screenshot of lebreeze

link to lebreeze-tbird.jar

Whew, this is one expansive application.

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20 June 2004
Integrated several contributions made by volunteers. I was quite awestruck by willingness to help make the theme more complete when I did not have sufficient time to work on it. Thank you everyone for your help!
24 April 2004
Bugfix across the line (concerning the googlebar) and new scrollbars.
18 April 2004
By popular demand users of the 0.5 milestone can now highlight their messages (as shown in the screenshots).
14 April 2004
Bugfix and cosmetic improvements.
03 April 2004
Bugfix for both the mail client and browser.
01 April 2004
Thunderbird theme released! I have also updated the Firefox theme for greater consistency with the mail client.
29 March 2004
Icon refinements, toolbar-metrics, squashed bugs (only for the theme-friendly version).
27 March 2004
Web Developer sidebar compatiability.
22 March 2004
Colored icons for the Bookmarks Manager.
21 March 2004
Now supporting the latest nightly build, added Webdeveloper Extension support. Modified page setup dialog, alert icons, and misc iconography.
20 March 2004
Completed a large toolbar set (now pictured in the screenshots). Trying to bring more unity to the interface.




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In addition, for those of you who might be interested in a color scheme that matches the theme, I have it available for download.

link to the windows color scheme
Requires 3D Color Changer (download)